Rolex Day-Date Watch Strap Guide

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Suede bracelets from WB Original are not only very soft and comfortable...

Suede bracelets from WB Original are not only very soft and comfortable, but also offer the perfect casual look for your Rolex day date with their characteristic double stitching on the eyelets. Like all WB Original watch straps, they are made by hand from real leather from Tuscany in Italy and are vegetable-tanned. If you want to wear your day-date less casual, but still a bit elegant, our suede braceletfrom RIOS1931 with its characteristic fine side seams is the bracelet of your choice.

Classic: vintage leather watch strap
The WB Original Vintage leather strap for the Rolex Day-Date rounds off every outfit with a certain retro look. You can match it perfectly to the leather color of your shoes and your belt and thus wear it perfectly matched to the suit. It's not too sporty and yet not too elegant - it's just perfect Monday through Sunday. Like all of our WB Original leather bracelets, they are handmade from genuine leather from Tuscany in Italy and vegetable-tanned.

Sommerzeut: Perlon bracelet

The Perlon bracelet is the perfect bracelet to transform your elegant Rolex Day-Date into an elegant yet casual summer watch : The Perlon bracelet is thin, light and breathable and is therefore perfect for hot and active summer days. The synthetic nylon fibers are water-resistant and robust enough not to fray or tear. It's so light that after a while you hardly notice on your wrist that you are even wearing a watch. They are available as one- or two-part Perlon straps.

Adventurer in style: canvas watch strap
The canvas strap gives your Rolex Day-Date a casual adventurer style , especially in green and gray. Our WatchBandit Original canvas bracelets are made of high-quality and hard-wearing cotton (90%) and viscose (10%). Thanks to its 10 adjustment holes, our canvas can also be perfectly adapted to fit large wrists . With an 18 cm wrist you are in the fifth hole of the bracelet. Most canvases have an inside made of leather, which we have explicitly omitted because leather does not last as long as canvas itself when it is exposed to sweat and water. So you can enjoy your WB original canvas bracelet longer!

What bracelet size does my Rolex Day-Date need?
For the Rolex Day-Date you need a band width of 20 mm . This is the most commonly used lug width on Rolex watches. If you can't find a 20 mm leather strap, it is no problem to use a 21 mm strap instead. Although there is a small difference in size of only 0.5 mm on each side, leather is soft enough to fit between the bars of the watch. The small difference of 0.5mm on each side is not enough to make the bracelet look squeezed. You can find more information on how to find out which bracelet size a watch needs here.