Tutorial: Google Analytics dashboards

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You are surely using Google Analytics , this excellent tool offered for free by Google.

You are surely using Google Analytics , this excellent tool offered for free by Google.

With Google Analytics, you learn, among other things, who the visitors to your business website are.

But do you know how to set up personalized dashboards in Google Analytics?

Google Analytics calls them dashboards, which means “Dashboards” in English.

Here is what Laurent told me during lunch yesterday:

Being able to see your most sensitive data as soon as you log into your Google Analytics account is the best way to measure website performance. It's also the right way to showcase a website's prowess to its boss.
OK, so that will be the topic of the day: Google Analytics dashboards!

Definition of the Google Analytics Dashboard
Here is the interest of the Analytics dashboard:

A dashboard combines statistics and metrics from existing reports, in a form that is readable for you, into a new "homemade" report.

An Analytics account can house up to 20 dashboards. This is more than enough for most entrepreneurs.

But, before showing you how to create a dashboard on Google Analytics, know that there are 2 main options:

Create your own Dashboard,
Import a dashboard created by someone else!
A concrete example of a dashboard?
Let’s imagine that you sell professional training courses in Switzerland and that your clients are companies themselves.

In addition, you sell training on computer techniques that only concern certain web browsers.

In this example, it is important for your business to know precisely:

How many visitors do you have per day?
How many have converted (in the form of a quote form entered on your site)?
Who come from Switzerland?
And with which web browser they access your site ...
Different Analytics reports give you all this information, but in a dispersed way.

With a personalized dashboard, you see all this information in one place, at a glance!

Magic, isn't it?

How to create a dashboard in Analytics?
How to create a dashboard in Analytics?
As I indicated previously, there are 2 methods to add a dashboard in your Analytics account:

Create it yourself,
Or import a board configured by an expert and use it directly.
Before getting started: a little preliminary thinking
To create your Analytics dashboards, here is the right approach that I suggest:

Make sure the information you want is not already grouped together in one of Analytics' default reports . It's always a shame to work for nothing!
Define the purpose of the dashboard . What decisions will you make after viewing the dashboard? How will you use this information to grow your business and find new opportunities?
Think about the best way to represent the information visually . Is it easier to understand in the form of a table, a diagram, a pie chart?
Integrate the elements into the dashboard ,
Share your dashboard with everyone involved!
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Create your own Analytics Dashboard
Now let's get down to practice: how to create your own dashboard .

To do this, log into your Analytics account .

Then click in the left menu on "Personalization".

The menu opens with the different options as below.

how to create your own dashboard
Select "Dashboards" to see a list of your dashboards if you have already created them.