I've come up with a notion

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Well, I've come up with a notion to RuneScape gold get a random event that will help slow and players down macroers. He appears as you are woodcutting and teloports one to another place that looks like the inside of a huge tree. Each door has the title of a different sort of tree in golden text, normal, willows, oaks, maples, yews, and mages, they go so left to right, lowest to highest. You're told to enter a specific doorway, click on it and go in.Jack then will tell you to receive 3 logs for him and he hands you his magical axe,which allows you to cut any sort of tree, without a woodcutting level.You then give the logs and also the axe to Jack and you're teloported back to where you were.

The rewards for doing this is some woodcutting xp and pieces of the new lumberjack outfit comprising these: A reddish lumberjack hat. A checkered lumberjack shirt. Blue trousers. Chopping gloves. If you do it wrong, you get nothing once you've finished the event. You get 100-9.9K xp based on your timber cutting level. (Your wc lvl times 100=quantity of xp)

Talk with Addo Animus Vita in the front of the Tower of Life who will begin to consult with you in regards to the formation of Gielinor (RS for those of you who are slow), and the God Wars and that over time a potent magic started to vanish with less people inheriting the ability from their elders and he'd come to seek out those who are worthy to test this magic. First he will require an Imp's Heart, therefore begin killing Imp's like a madman until you get the heart for a drop, next you may need a patch of sheep fur and rams horns.

Shear the sheep fur from a sheep and kill a ramn for those horns. Bring these items using a water filled vial to the Apothecarium at Varrock. The Apothecary guy wants you to receive goats blood and werewolf blood, now for the tricky area. Mine five silver ore and bring it into a furnace.Smelt it into pubs. Now talk to Thurgo who to get a Redberry Pie will provide you a dagger mold with this exceptional dagger of yours. Smelt the bars into the dagger mold and it should harden after 3 minutes, this dagger is a necessity to gather the ingrediants for each summoning. Each summon will call for exceptional ingrediants obtained by utilizing several items and your silver dagger. Each Summoning includes its own seperate book that once finished will bind to buy OSRS gold all of your spell books so that you don't need to take them.