Head into the west of this stronghold

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Here's the glass and OSRS gold the Armalite Ore. Mani assembles a giant magnifying glass and puts the ore underneath. It melts, and he hands you a pub of Armalite. Thank-you for your help building this laminated glass. It should help me a great deal with smelting! No problem!

Head to the expansive tree. Speak to Blurberry. Ask "Have you ever heard of a Chocolate Tuesday?" It is funny you should say that! Someone sold me one yesterday. Far Better than the usual Chocolate Saturday! Do you have it? I am afraid not! I drank it, so that I could work out the ingredients. And what exactly are they? Well, they are exactly the same as a Chocolate Saturday, except after its poured, you add some muscadavo sugar! It truly adds flavor!

You can talk to him , and ask where to get muscadavo sugar. Where do I get muscadavo glucose out of? I enjoyed the drink so much, I ordered a friend to begin growing some sugar canes. He is at the west of this stronghold, south of the Gnome Ball Field.

Head into the west of this stronghold, and discover the sugar patch. Speak to Blurberry's friend (he'll stop you in the event that you attempt to go into the patch). Blurberry's Friend: Hey, you cant go in there! Blurberry's Buddy: Oh, okay. Go right in. Pick some sugarand create a Chocolate Saturday. Combine them together to create your Chocolate Tuesday. These heal 10hp, +5 to strength, also --3 to attack when made. Take your things to the professor.

I've the items! Wonderful! Set them in the cauldron over there! Put the items at the cauldron. Now fill a vial and make me drink it! Pick up a vial on the table, and match it with all the potion. Use it on the professor. Thank you greatly! I am forever in your debt! This is the reward! I have read the rules and cheap RuneScape gold nowhere does it say I can not post a topic like this. To any mod, so I broke some rules plz DONT CLOSE, pm and that I will change whatever does not meddle together with the rules.