Aarogyam XL by Thyrocare at Affordable Price

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This Package includes vital 140 tests like Cardiac, Complete Hemogram, Diabetes, Iron Deficiency, and many others.

What is Aarogyam XL Profile Test?

If you're looking for a master health checkup package, Aarogyam XL Profile might be a good option for you. This package includes lipid, liver, thyroid, iron, renal/kidney profiles as well as free home sample collection. Plus, it's relatively affordable compared to other packages out there. If you're not sure whether or not this is the right package for you, speak to one of our experts to get more information.


When to get the Aarogyam XL test done?


Thyrocare Aarogyam XL test helps you determine which diseases you might be dealing with. You'll know what disease you're dealing with when your medical conditions like weight gain, joint pain, swelling, bruising, racing heartbeats, and low blood pressure become pronounced. The Aarogyam A Test may help diagnose these problems as well as other medical issues such as thyroid imbalance, kidney or liver malfunction, and cardiovascular diseases.


Aarogyam xl is a blood test package that assesses the health of your heart and other organs. It helps detect heart, liver, and kidney diseases as early as possible. You should specifically book our tests if you have a family history of cardiac disease or any other health condition.


With Aarogyam xl, Doctors can analyze your cardiovascular health and prescribe treatment for prevention or cure. Kidney and digestive functions will be tested if you have liver problems. If you are following a poor diet or having alcohol habits, then the doctor may suggest you take other tests.


An Aarogyam test is designed to act as the main health risk checkup, getting a greater understanding of your immune system and overall health. It’s not only better than some other tests because it includes types that are normally conducted for more detailed testing, such as hematocrit count, diabetes, and excretion levels.


This preventive test will help you avoid the consequences of a potential health condition and save money on medical expenses. Doctors recommend that every person above the age of 18 frequent an Aarogyam xl test once a year. You can book this test when you want to, but it is recommended that your age and other factors should determine your need for such tests.