There'll be a Super Wild Card Weekend coming up in which another

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There'll be a Super Wild Card Weekend coming up in which another

On Sunday evening, the Mut 21 coins Green Bay Packers added another win to their season complete, since they defeated the Chicago Bears, 35-16. Together with the match, Green Bay has become 13-3 and contains the No. 1 seed. It also showed the brilliance of Aaron Rodgers who threw four passes in the game, and tied Dan Marino to get fifth-most TD's in a season at 48.

One of these touchdown passes was captured by wide receiver Davante Adams, who added to his league-leading total of 18 for this season.

He was limited a bit in the Bears' match, but his four-yard touchdown catch helped him create some history. Those guys also had a few decent QBs throwing to them in John Elway and Dan Marino.

Several days before the Bears game, Rodgers amazed his top goal this season with some fantastic news. Davante Adams has formally moved into the Madden 99 Club.In the video, Rodgers attracts his teammate onto a live video call and tells him to pick up the bundle nearby wrapped in bubble wrap. It is a box containing a special gift. Rodgers formally welcomes him into the club saying"you are finally becoming the as you deserve"

The 99 Club features players who have a perfect score at 99 overall from the Madden 21 player evaluations. He joins five other elite players at the club.

Adams joins fellow wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins (Cardinals) and tight end Travis Kelce (Chiefs) as new members included this year. Some players believe top MVP contender Aaron Rodgers should be added as well.The Kansas City Chiefs and Green Bay Packers will now anticipate their NFL Playoff opponents. There'll be a Super Wild Card Weekend coming up in which another six groups will compete to progress.

Both Kansas City and Green Bay have a first-week bye to sit back, relax, and plan ahead for whoever emerges as their opponents. However, both teams also own home-field advantage during the playoffs, for what it's worth in the current climate with fewer or no fans at games.Kansas City remains the team to overcome as they are the reigning champs. However, with Rodgers looking good and Adams getting the recent Madden 21 participant ratings award, it seems this Packers team will be surging with confidence. Will they be the 2 teams who meet in Tampa for your trophy?Tennessee Titans running back Derrick Henry has established himself as one of the greatest players in the NFL over the past couple of years, but throughout the regular-season finale against the Houston Texans this Sundayhe formally etched his name in NFL history. In the fourth quarter of Tennessee's Week 17 matchup against Houston, Henry became the eighth player in Buy Madden 21 Coins, MUT 21 Coins For Sale - NFL history to rush for 2,000 yards in a single season, reaching the 2,000-yard mark on a second-and-5 carry that led to six yards with the Titans down 35-31.